A Couple of Special Events in Denver

For those with strong passions toward one thing or another, this month brings two great events to the city of Denver. Whether you’re a comic geek or a gun aficionado, your weekend is set.

Denver Comic Con - ColoradoConvention Center - May 22nd through May 25th

It’s the largest comic convention in Colorado and it’s finally here. Stop off to see a massive showing of art, games, collectibles, toys, panels, exhibits, special guests and more. That’s right, for four entire days you can bury yourself in all the pop culture that you could ever hope for.

Colorado Gun Collectors Gun Show - Denver Mart - May 16th & 17th

From the most modern of guns to some seriously amazing antiques and collectibles, this event is a gun lover’s dream. There will be around 1000 different tables set up, which means a huge showing of exhibitors and plenty of cool things to see and, if you have the cash, buy to fill out your own collection.


Photo courtesy of bleedingcool.com