Have a Few Laughs in June

If your date has a great sense of humor, a night out at a comedy show can be the perfect way to spend some time together. Here are two of the better shows coming through the Denver stages during June.

Kids in the Hall - Paramount Theater - June 6th

They were a big hit on the television back in their day and have a strong cult following. Luckily for fans, the troupe is back together and out on the road, making people laugh from the stage for the first time in over seven years. You’d better get some tickets for this one, because you never know when they’ll be touring again.

Lisa Lampanelli - Paramount Theater - June 20th

If you prefer your comedy to be angry and edgy, then Lampanelli is the woman to watch. She’s been compared to comic legends such as Don Rickles, so you’d best be prepared for more than a few insults to fly your way. For the non-faint-of-heart, this is a show that will surely leave you laughing.


Photo courtesy of hbo.com