Highland Tap and Burger
For a cool and casual night out drinking

If you’re looking for a great place to get some killer burgers, toss back a few drinks and watch the game, look no further than Highland Tap and Burger.  With an excellent selection of brews on the menu, you’re sure to find something that fits your appetites, whether you’re a beer snob or just want something cold and frothy.  And with a friendly... Read More

Vine Street Pub & Brewery
For good craft beer and tasty burgers

With a fine selection of craft beers and a decent menu of food as well, Vine Street Pub and Brewery is a great spot for an evening out drinking.  Being that it’s a brewery, it has its own list of house-made beers, of course, so you can see what they put together there or just order from their ever-changing stock.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting... Read More

The 1up
Cheap beer and classic video games

Because a night out drinking always goes better when you have video games to play, The 1up in Denver is a perfect place for those that have a love of the old classic arcade scene.  With a wide selection of old-school games, pinball machines and even Skee-ball, you can find plenty to do while you’re tossing back a few drinks.  They even serve... Read More

The Thin Man
A classy little bar for a drink or two

If you’re looking for a place that has a bit of style and some great drinks for the price, check out The Thin Man.  This bar also happens to make all its own fruit infused vodka, so you’ll get some tasty drinks if vodka is your thing.  The bartenders are professional and good at what they do and the crowds are friendly.  It’s a pretty small place,... Read More

Green Russell
For class and cocktails at one of Denver’s finest

If you want to throw a loop in the regular routine of hitting up the bars with the best specials and happy hours, head down to Larimer Square and check out Green Russell.  Staffed by top-notch bartenders, you can be sure that whatever comes your way is going to be made with all the love and care that only a professional can give.  If... Read More

P S Lounge
The very definition of friendly neighborhood dive bar

Known for being one of Denver’s top-rated drinking spots (at least as far as the customers are concerned), P S Lounge is a great dive bar with all the ambiance of your local neighborhood corner pub.  The lighting is dim and intimate, the drinks are cheap and poured stiff and the bartenders and owner are always there to make sure you’re having a good time.  The very opposite of a... Read More

The Cruise Room
For cool and classy cocktails

Located with the building of The Oxford Hotel, The Cruise Room is a nice dining and drinking establishment that was designed to look like a lounge on the famous Queen Mary.  Specializing in the cocktail crowd, you won’t find groups of rowdy parties here.  This is, at its core, a place where people go to relax and unwind at the... Read More

Horseshoe Lounge
A great neighborhood bar for a casual night out

The Horseshoe Lounge is one of those places where you can go to have a drink or two and not feel any pressure.  The casual atmosphere makes for the perfect bar to unwind at, relieving yourself of the stress of the working day.  The bartenders are devoted to making the place as comfortable as possible and it really comes through.  You can hang out... Read More

Cycling the Route des Grands Crus
Enjoy the scenery and vineyards of France’s Road of the Great Wines

For couples that want to have a fun cycling adventure in France, grab your bikes and head to Burgundy to test yourself against the 500-mile Route des Grands Crus.  Also known as the Road of the Great Wines, you’ll find plenty of ways to sample some of the best of what... Read More

Tour Du Mont Blanc
Explore one of the best trails in Europe

For a great adventure on one of the world’s most renowned hiking trails, take a trip to France and try your hand at the Tour du Mont Blanc.  This journey is a hundred-mile trek that will bring you from France and through parts of both Switzerland and Italy. ... Read More