Estes Park
Get out of the city and into a small town

EstesPark is a small town about an hour-and-a-half out of the city of Denver.  For those looking to escape the city, this is one great location.  With RockyMountainNational Park right next door, along with... Read More

Mon Chalet
An erotic getaway for the adventurous romantic encounter

If you’re looking for a bit of holiday with a truly adult spin to it, the Mon Chalet provides what you need.  This hotel is for the adventurous and not for the timid.  Romance is abundant in many forms with a trip to the Mon Chalet.  The rooms are filled with several things to enhance the mood and aesthetically designed to create that romantic... Read More

Castle Marne
One of the most beautiful and unique accommodations in all of Denver

Castle Marne is a smaller place to stay while in Denver, hosting only a dozen or so rooms.  It is located outside the hustle and bustle of downtown in a building more than 100 years old.  It’s a castle in truth, as the amazing architecture of the place makes it look half-castle and half-mansion.  Inside and out, this building is a... Read More

Chatfield State Park
Discover things you never knew about nature on an adventure with a romantic interest.

Are you an animal lover who wants to discover more about native species in your area with a fellow naturalist on a date? The nature center at Chatfield State Park may be just what you are looking for. Bring your binoculars and your camera as you marvel at the red fox, mule deer, coyote, prairie dogs and weasels, along with many other species of animals. The nature center is housed in old 1940s... Read More

Hotel Teatro
Elegance and top-notch dining in Denver’s Lower Downtown

The Hotel Teatro is a located in a beautiful, 100-year-old building in the middle of the city.  This creative piece of history is decorated inside with old theater costumes and photographs, proof of its dedication to its namesake.  The elegance and grace of this hotel makes it great for couples looking to spend some romantic time together while in... Read More

Castlewood Canyon State Park
Get lost in the history and geology of Colorado as you and your lover act like explorers on a mission.

Visit the Black Forest as if you two are explorers on a dangerous mission, setting forth to discover something new among the rocks at Castlewood Canyon State Park. Use the running and hiking trails to discover the park and hold intimate conversations together, or look out for various species of wildlife together and take photos. You’ll run across dozens of animals, such as the Woodhouse toad,... Read More

Hotel Monaco
A hip and historic hotel in the middle of Denver

The Hotel Monaco is located within a pair of nice historic buildings in downtown Denver, though the interior has been designed to give a more vibrant appeal.  This stylish hotel has just enough creative flair to make a romantic couples’ adventure that much more fun.  In addition to offering a hosted wine hour, the hotel also provides spa... Read More

Boyd Lake State Park
Looking to hone in on your outdoor skills? Meet up with your lover at this state park for a class or two.

Do you want to have a date outside, but you prefer a little structure and learning on your adventures? Bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to Boyd Lake State Park and take one of several different classes and clinics offered. Try an educational program designed to help you learn to hike, hunt, swim or otherwise engage in nature, or take one of the fishing clinics that are offered at the park. A... Read More

Bonny Lake State Park
Come and watch the wonders of dozens of species of wildlife with your partner at this state park.

Many of the services at Bonny Lake State Park are long gone today, but there are still plenty of wildlife to observe and enjoy at the park for those interested. Meet up with Colorado singles who enjoy animals and catch a glimpse at over 300 species at the park. Some of the most notable fauna you can see at the park include various species of geese, mule deer, muskrat, blue-wing teal and many... Read More

The Brown Palace Hotel
More than a hundred years of history and fame

One of the top luxury hotels in Denver, The Brown Palace Hotel has been in business for more than a century and is, in fact, the second longest operating hotel in the city.  With its long and illustrious history, the BrownPalace has seen more than its share of famous faces, from The Beatles to... Read More