Barr Lake State Park
Near Brighton? You might want to check out the choice trails and fishing with your lover at this state park.

When you visit Barr Lake State Park, you will find plenty of fun activities to do with other Denver singles.  You can hike on one of the many trails, the perfect opportunity to connect with your lover in a quiet space. You can fish, boat or otherwise play in the water with your girlfriend or boyfriend, too. The southern section of Barr Lake is actually a nature preserve, complete with viewing... Read More

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area
Have a whitewater rafting adventure with your date in one of America’s most popular recreation areas.

Set out for your great whitewater rafting adventure on the Arkansas River. The river itself is 150 miles long, providing you with as much or as little experience as you could hope for. Not into crazy action packed whitewater rafting? No problem, Arkansas Headquarters Recreation Area has plenty of other things for you to do as well. There’s bike trails to ride, plenty of fishing to be had, lots... Read More

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Try a flavorful burrito or taco on your night out.

What do you order at Chipotle Mexican Grill?

Qdoba Mexican Grill
Build your own burrito or try their famous soups and salads.

What do you like best at Qdoba Mexican Grill?

Grab a bite or play at the casino.

Ever been to Landry's? Tell us about it!

Did you know this chain is based in Denver?

Do you ever eat at Quiznos?

These burgers are known for their deliciously seared meats in juices.

Ever been to Smashburger? Tell us about it.

Casa Bonita
The last of these restaurants is found in Denver.

Ever had Casa Bonita? Tell us about it!

Cheesman Park
This urban park and neighborhood offers choice views and walking space.

Do you visit Cheesman Park regularly? Tell us about it.

Washington Park
Washington Park is known for its huge flower gardens, tennis courts and rec center.

Have you ever been there?